The fix is In

I am an IT Fixer. I get people out of hot IT messes, simple or complex. A mess is a mess. How can I help you?

What you get

I may not be at the level of Messieurs Cohen and Goodman but, as a fixer, I often get people out of hot messes, simple or complicated, in a timely and professional manner.

I began my career in the traditional help desk role and the job evolved into my own registered business doing many more jobs than the one I set out to do. The result is that I now have thirty years of experience in all things IT that I bring to every situation that needs a resolution, usually yesterday.

The technology changes but the fundamentals remain the same.


How I work

You can call, email or text me and I can help you remotely or on site. Either costs $150 per hour, one hour minimum. Travel charges are at my discretion.

We can work together to avoid future messes and take two simple steps so that your data is backed up and I am monitoring for signs of malware.  For $100 per personal computer I am supporting, you will receive the following benefits for the duration of our engagement:

  • Thirty minutes of remote support for the computer subscribed
  • Unlimited file backup
  • Monitored anti-malware
  • Preferred pricing for onsite calls at $125 per hour for the computer subscribed. Other requests are priced at my regular rate.